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RICK GRECH - Birthday


Rik Grech is born 1 November 1945, Bordeaux, France, d. 16 March 1990. Bassist Ric (sometimes Rick) Grech embraced professional music in 1965 when he joined Leicester-based group, the Farinas (also used the names X-Citers and Roaring Sixties), which later evolved into Family. Prior to that he had played with the Leicester City Youth Orchestra. By doubling on violin, Grech added considerable texture to an already inventive, exciting attraction but abandoned them in rancorous circumstances during an American tour.

Grech then joined Blind Faith,

where an understanding forged with Steve Winwood continued with spells in Airforce (1970) and Traffic (1970-71) and on many other albums as a session player. He found time during this hectic period to produce Rosetta Hightower and carry out sessions with the Faces and Fairport Convention. After leaving Traffic in December 1971 the bassist was later a member of the Crickets, alongside guitarist Albert Lee, and he also appeared on a session basis for Jim Capaldi, Vivian Stanshall, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Gordon Jackson, Graham Bond and Streetwalkers, the latter featuring former Family colleagues Roger Chapman and John Whitney. Grech then moved to America, where a brief association with Gram Parsons resulted in his composing "Kiss The Children" and "Las Vegas" and co-producing G.P. with the singer.

The bassist then performed at Eric Clapton's RAINBOW CONCERT

and briefly joined KGB with Mike Bloomfield and Ray Kennedy.

On his return to the UK he formed a country-rock band, Square Dance Machine, but drug problems increasingly undermined his career. Years of sustained abuse took their toll on his liver in 1990. Grech was a musician who was able to embrace many styles and play them all with conviction. The combination of violin and bass was in itself interesting, but to be musically at home with country, jazz, blues, folk, soul and rock was remarkable.


1968 - Family - Music in a Doll's house

1969- Family - Family Entertainment

1969 - Blind Faith - First album

1970 - Ginger Baker's Air Force - First Album

1971 - Traffic - Welcome To the Canteen

1971 - Traffic - The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys

1973 - Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert

1973 - Chapman and Whitney - Streetwalkers

1973 - Rick Grech - The last five years

1974 - KGB - First Album



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