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TOM FOGERTY - Birthday


Tom Fogerty was born 9 November 1941, Berkeley, California, USA, d. September 1991. A self-taught musician, this artist's career flourished upon joining a rock ‘n’ roll band founded by his younger brother, John Fogerty. Having completed their lone single, "Bonita," in 1963, Tom Fogerty And The Blue Velvets secured a recording deal with Fantasy, but were persuaded to change their name to the Golliwogs in an effort to capitalize on the concurrent British beat boom.

The group kept this detested appellation until 1967 when they became known as Creedence Clearwater Revival.

As such they were one of the most successful groups of the era, but relationships between the siblings soured and in November 1971, Tom Fogerty left for a solo career.

He initially participated in an informal group which included guitarist Jerry Garcia and organist Merle Saunders, before completing four albums which, if inconsistent, contained several excellent tracks. Fogerty then formed a new act, Ruby, around Randy Oda (guitar/keyboards), Anthony Davis (bass) and Bobby Cochran (drums). The group recorded three albums, the last of which was preceded by Tom's final solo set, DEAL IT OUT.

Fogerty moved to Flagstaff, Arizona during the mid-'80s, voicing plans to write an account of the Creedence story. However, he died prematurely of a heart attack in 1991.


1971 - Tom Fogerty

1972 - Excalibur

1974 - Myopia

1974 - Zephyr National

1976 - Ruby [Tom Fogerty & Ruby]

1978 - Rock & Roll Madness [Tom Fogerty & Ruby]

1984 - Precious Gems [Tom Fogerty + Ruby]

1992 - Sidekicks



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